Due to the characteristics of EFFESUS an External Expert Panel (EEP) has been created. It will fulfill the following purposes:

  • Giving advice and indications on the project goals and orientation with regard to further implementation of the project results from the stakeholders’ point of view;
  • Assessing and giving advice on the criteria and interventions performed within the case studies;
  • Giving support for the review of most critical deliverables;
  • Assessing policy and legislation recommendations and contributing to their implementation after the project completion;
  • Contributing to the widespread dissemination of the project results;
  • Establishing links with relevant European and national networks and bodies.

The EEP is composed by experts from the following key groups:

  • End users, responsible for the case studies: This group consists mainly of public bodies (usually management institutions at municipal level) involved in the integral management of the cities included as case studies. Their involvement will guarantee the acceptance of the interventions to be performed at urban, building and study level and their contribution to get the information and permissions needed to undertake the works foreseen in each selected city;
  • Direct users of EFFESUS achievements, such as architecture firms and restoration companies associations. As direct users of the EFFESUS technologies, this group will be mostly focussing on the assessment and evaluation of the project results, especially the novel solutions (from the point of view of design and application) and Decision Support System;
  • Policy makers in cultural heritage and energy: This group includes public and private bodies (at national, European and international levels) involved in cultural heritage preservation and management of historic cities and cultural heritage as well as energy. The involvement of these end users will ensure the feasibility of the future use of the developed technologies in European and international historic cities, thus contributing to the internationalisation of the developed technologies beyond Europe.
  • Standardisation experts: The involvement of standardisation experts, mainly from the European Heritage Legal Forum (EHLF) and the European Standards Organisation’s (CEN) Working Group TC 346, will ensure that EFFESUS outputs will be considered for the future revision of standards and regulations relevant to historic cities.

Besides, all members of the EEP will contribute to the dissemination of EFFESUS results within and outside Europe.

The following table shows the overview of EEP membership and key personnel involved:

1 AEERPA France Marion Didieu President of the European Association of Architectural Heritage Restoration Companies
2 Architects Council of Europe + Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland Ireland Selma Harrington President 2010-2013 Architect, Lecturer, Sustainable Heritage Consultant
3 Genoa Municipality Italy Mirco Grassi Director of Public Works
4 Getty Conservation Institute USA Shin Maekawa International Expert in Energy Control Systems
5 Istanbul Municipality Turkey Ilhan Turan Deputy Mayor of Beyoglu Municiplity
6 Monumentenwacht The Netherlands Jacques Akerboom Director of Monumentenwacht Noord-Brabant
7 Riksantikvaren-Dir. Cultural Heritage Norway Terje Nypan Consultant at Riksantikvaren. Chairman of the European Heritage Legal Forum (EHLF)
8 Specialization Architectural Heritage Genoa Italy Stefano Musso Director of the Specialization School in restoration of Monuments
9 Hungarian Judicial Office Hungary Péter Aszalós
10 Urban Conservation Specialist International Francesco Siravo Urban Planner, Historic Cities Support Programme Aga Khan
11 Visby Municipality Sweden Bertil Klintbom Region Gotland
12 UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture Venice Italy Davide Poletto Project Officer
13 Architects’ Council of Europe (ACE-CAE)
Belgium Sara Van Rompaey Board Member 2014-2015
Architect – Heritage Expert
14 World Monuments Fund International Lisa Ackerman Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, World Monuments Fund