BPIE Data Hub for the Energy Performance of Buildings provided by BPIE-Building Performance Institute Europe http://www.bpie.eu/
BPIE A comprehensive open data portal for energy efficiency in European buildings, where you can find statistical data and policy information on Europe’s building stock. http://www.buildingsdata.eu
BEEP database Building Energy Efficiency Policies database is provided by IEA Sustainable Buildings Centre http://www.sustainablebuildingscentre.org/pages/home
BEEP database Building Energy Efficiency Policies from all over the world http://www.sustainablebuildingscentre.org/pages/beep
MUREII database MURE (Mesures d’Utilisation Rationnelle de l’Energie) provides information on energy efficiency policies and measures that have been carried out in the Member States of the European Union and enables the simulation and comparison at a national level of the potential impact of such measures. http://www.muredatabase.org/
Clean Energy Info Portal – reegle Relevant clean energy information for countries (world-wide), including:
o Country energy profiles including key statistics, policies and actors
o Catalogue of relevant key actors and stakeholders
o Map search of energy statistics and potentials
o Statistics on energy, electricity and emissions
o Overview of related policies and regulations
o Catalogue of key stakeholders
ODYSSEE-Energy Efficiency Indicators in Europe ODYSSEE on one hand contains detailed data on the energy consumption drivers by end-use and, on the other hand, energy efficiency and CO2 related indicators. http://www.odyssee-indicators.org/database/database.php
Database on Energy Saving Potentials This database provides harmonised energy savings potentials for each EU Member State, for Croatia, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, for:
o Potentials
o Indicators
o Technology Drivers
o Socio-eco Drivers
Data on listed buildings in Germany Private website http://www.denkmalliste.org/denkmallisten.html
Listed cultural heritage buildings List of Archaeological Sites and Monuments of Greece http://listedmonuments.culture.gr/