Event name Wics Summit 2013
Event type Conference
Frequency annual
Venue İstanbul/Turkey
Start date 27.11.2013
End date 28.11.2013
Description 2nd World Intelligent Cities Summit and Exhibition
Weblink www.wicsummit.com
EFFESUS partner(s) SNANO
Role Exhibitor


Intelligent integration of communications technology will be required for future development of cities and regions to make our cities and regions smarter and more energy efficient. WICS SUMMIT 2013 was an international conference that allows leaders of municipalities to learn from the pioneers of smart city concepts and technologies. WICS SUMMIT 2013 was about driving innovation, boost efficiency, leverage data, upgrading service delivery and achieving economic prosperity for municipalities and regions of all sizes. Speakers and attendees ranged from city leaders, government officials, urban service providers, academics and city development experts. They presented cutting edge strategies to strengthen institutional efficiency, and assess broader commitments to competitiveness and sustainability.

As an overall, dissemination activity for Effesus Project, SNANO opened a stand in WICS SUMMIT Conference and distributed the leaflets of the project. Some of the attendees were interested in the project and we introduced the project to the people who were interested in project. Moreover, we discussed the applicability of the project in Turkey with them.

While Board President of Sampas A.Ş were making his speech

While EU Project Specialist of Sampas A.Ş were introducing Effesus Project

While EU Project Specialist of Sampas A.Ş were talking about the details of Effesus Project

Some of the attendees were very interested in Effesus Project