Fact Sheet Case Study Istanbul

Country Turkey
City Istanbul
District Beyoğlu, Kallavi Street
Climate Temperate Mediterranean (Csb)
Type of building Traditional stone masonry. Five storey building has large window openings with thick walls.
Year of Construction Before 1930
Use of building Public building
Classification Traditional building, not listed.
Type of intervention Building refurbishment: radiant reflective coating for outdoor application
Suitability of intervention The intervention consisted in the application of two radiation selective coatings on different substrates placed on the roof of the building. The coatings were not applied directly on the facade of the building as its removal, on such a porous stone, cannot be guaranteed and the energetic improvements can be reduced by the very thick walls of the building. Eight lime mortar samples, eight Istanbul stone and five metal plates were mounted and sensors installed in each of them.
Scope of intervention To evaluate the applicability of the product on historic buildings materials in real environmental conditions and to evaluate the energetic performances of the coating.
Installation requirements The complete reversibility of the coating can be guaranteed only on some substrates, depending on its porosity and roughness. The coating has better performance if applied on large opaque surface.
Monitoring The monitoring system will evaluate the performance of the coating by measuring ait temperature, relative humidity and contact temperature.


Beyoðlu, one of the cultural and historical attraction areas in Istanbul, is one of the oldest townships with a population of over 250.000. It has the largest number of old buildings in Istanbul’s inventory as it is located right next to the old-town area. It’s a tourist attraction, but also the main centre of culture, art, and entertainment in Istanbul.

In the streets of Beyoðlu most buildings are adjacent to each other while also having a similar height, proportion, material and other characteristic features, which make this area a very harmonious district. Since there are a considerable number of commercial buildings, the owners and leasers of the flats and stores can be expected to pay attention to this project as long as EFFESUS can establish a demonstration case with a quick return on investment.

The demonstration building is located in the heart of Beyoðlu district, Istiklal Street no. 74 and has been established in 1905. It’s an independent building with 4 +1 floors. The building is being mostly used for residential purposes, except the fact that there is a commercial store on the ground floor adjacent to Istiklal Street, which is one of the most famous shopping areas.

In Turkey, this building is in the category of 2nd degree protection (low level of protection), which means that any renovation project calls for a pre-approval from local conservation board in the designated historical district. In this case, Beyoðlu Municipality has their own board to approve such renovation or maintenance works.

Beyoðlu Municipality will be involved in the External Expert Panel of EFFESUS and will support the project by giving its consent to the use of the selected building as a demonstration case study. The case study will be coordinated by the EFFESUS partner SNANO